Welcome to UpDown Travel

Hello…and so we begin.  This statue is called Mother and Son, and is located on Cardiff Queen Street.   I’m excited to try this blogging thing- so here is my sell.  I had a little boy 8 months ago and we would look at each other, look at the baby, look at each other and say… where or what next?  We have an incredible kid.  He’s happy and full of life.  But it’s scary! What do you do? Where do you go?  So I’m starting this blog to link with another big change in my life, leaving work and starting a new business.  I’m/ We are calling it UpDown Maps.  It’s curated family friendly sites in three categories.  Eat, play or learn.  If you go, you can review- no login required and just say up or down- see?  UpDown will tell you what’s out there then you can tell me if it was great fun or a bust.  Here you’ll find detailed reviews and travel plans- how to put those three activities together to make a day of it. In your own city or a new one.  So here’s to new beginnings, chances and having fun- see you out there!

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