A Day In: New York City- Central Park Edition (#1) 

  1. Eat:  The Plaza Food Hall 

    The Plaza, NYC
    The Plaza, NYC

Choices abound at this chichi food haven.  Chocolate, wine, oh and something for the kids?  No worries, Eloise has advised the kind patrons of this NYC landmark and there are many options from crepes and frozen yogurt to quick bites at Pain D’Avignon ad Chi Noodle Bar.  We had a very enjoyable time at Vin Sur Vignt, where we sampled excellent recommendations from the bartender and the bear was welcomed with open arms.    One of the things we noticed on our most recent city trip was that NYC seemed decidedly less infant friendly than Philadelphia and D.C.   With that in mind we altered our plans slightly and found that the Food Hall really offered us the best options- “grown up” food selections with a less pressured atmosphere.   See also, Murray’s Cheese.  

2. Play:  Heckscher Playground 

Central Park's Heckscher Playground
Central Park’s Heckscher Playground

Officially the oldest playground in Central Park (est. 1927) the Heckscher has remained a favorite across generations.  Renovated in 2006,  you will find water features and pyramids to scale.  Baby swings are available to your right after you enter through the Heckscher Building (also the place to stop for restroom break) and a giant climbing web.   Get ready to chase and get those fitbit/upband/activitytrackerofyourchoice points because its tough to see kids in the (very fun) mazes.

3. Learn:  The Central Park Zoo 

Central Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo

A beautiful creation and collaboration of old and new, the Central Park Zoo is not to be missed when traveling with toddlers and the like.    The somewhat newly-added Tisch Children’s Zoo provides fun hands on time snacks (for a fee) with the animals and learning opportunities.  The entrance to Tisch is separate from the main zoo, but admission covers both. As far as animals go, don’t miss the polar bears and sea lions (feeding times at 11:30 am, 2 pm and 4 pm).   Check the Central Park Conservatory website for shows at the children’s theaters located inside (one in the main zoo, the other in the children’s zoo).

Entrance to Tisch Children's Zoo
Entrance to Tisch Children’s Zoo

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