Review: Peanut Island Used to Be a Non-Stop Drunken Party, Now Good for Kids Once in a While, 7/10 Strollers


The best parts about Peanut Island for kids are the water activities like snorkeling, and the site of the old John Kennedy bunker. The legacy of a non-stop drunken party remains, but it is offshore. You can find history and quiet fun with kids, but you have to plan it well. I see it as a twice-yearly place to visit if you live nearby.

Peanut Island
Peanut Island by Luvjnx 2009

Address: Peanut Island, Riviera Beach

Website: Peanut Island

Inside: According to Florida Rambler, a great site to research fun Florida activities, the best way to visit the island is from the Riviera Beach Marina, at Slip 522, 200 E. 13th St. Riviera Beach.

The Parks & Recreation Dept. lists:

Captain Joe’s Peanut Island Ferry aboard the Seafare (Water Tours, Inc.).
Riviera Beach Marina, 200 E 13th Street, Riviera Beach, slip 517
(561) 339-2504

Palm Beach Water Taxi
98 Lake Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33404
(561) 683-TAXI (8291)

Comfort with Kids: It used to be a non-stop drunken party, filled with boats, dogs, fights, urination and vomit. The police have since banned most forms of adult wildness, so Peanut Island has again become a decent outdoor place for kids. Not sure we would go every week, but once every six months or so we get the urge.

The food: Bring your own, as there are no concessions on the island. If you have a boat, even better. Alcohol on the island only permitted in restricted campsite areas.

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