Finding the Courage to Follow the Parents of the Carribbean

Everyone looks off the bow at Rhode Island in the Distance by Jason Pratt, 2008
Everyone looks off the bow at Rhode Island in the Distance by Jason Pratt, 2008

Guest post from Joe Stanley, based in Palm Beach, Florida. (This has been re-posted now that I have figured out how to create my own WordPress account- thanks for your help Meg!)

This morning I read a good family travel article from the Daily Mail. See link here.  I was very impressed.  I am myself a grown up child of adventurous parents who took my sister and I around the world as youngsters.  And not in the five-star hotels either.  I’m talking hostels and overland buses from Nepal to New Delhi -trains to Bangkok etc. We had a lot of fun and lots of near misses- the precursors to free-range children perhaps.  I know it makes me the “crazy” person I am today- with a consistent unfailing wanderlust.

What is interesting I think is that with my own son, I have more trepidation.  I look at this couple and their Parents of the Caribbean adventures and think- wow, we couldn’t do that, I would simply be too nervous.

In the article, Brittany said: Scott and I have both been sailing for most of our lives – we grew up around boats so sailing was sort of in our blood. With the babies it’s a lot of work, twins plus a three-year-old is no joke – it’s exhausting.

It sounds thrilling actually.  Now I just need to get that old travel courage back and give something similar a go.


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