Review: The Counter at Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 8/10 Strollers

We often visit The Gardens Mall, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.  This time, I went in as a hardened kid travel journalist (hmmmm), to send this review over to my friend Meg. I asked the information desk where would be a good spot to take the little one, where we could be comfortable.  It was around noon on a weekday and I was taking a break from work.  I did not want to be uncomfortable with the stares of other diners. This happens often with a baby in this area. For some reason, people seem to take personal offense at all hours of the day.

Attempting to avoid that, I asked, and was directed to PF Changs, Brio and a new place called The Counter.

We gave it a shot and it was great.  The burgers were better than other places serving gourmet burgers, the staff were nice, and a high-chair was quickly available. Another parent brought in their child in a stroller too, so that made me feel comfortable. I took a picture of the outside area for some reason in black and white (feeling artsy?). It was too hot to sit there so we sat in the AC.

After our lunch, we zipped outside for a quick walk around the mall.  It was really a nice lunch break. I recommend it to all in the area.



The Counter, by Joe Stanley
The Counter, by Joe Stanley

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