REVIEW: Berry Fresh Cafe Breakfast with Kids, Jupiter, Florida



Went with the kid to Berry Fresh in Jupiter Florida last Sunday at 10am.  I have been to a lot of breakfast places in the area and this is far and away the best.  Located in a strip mall near a Winn-Dixie, its humble front hides spectacular food. There is always a line on the weekend but they have an extremely efficient text feature when your table is ready.

As you can see from the first photo highchairs are staked up and ready to go.  The place is loud enough and there are enough children that there are no looks at all. Families of all ages and single people reading the newspaper are common sights. Service is efficient and you see the same faces every time.  It seems very small town, in a happy way.  Also the servers are not over the top sweet and they are so busy there is not a lot of time for chitchat.  I actually enjoy that.

I had the potato pancakes (see picture) this time but basically everything is fresh and good. Check out the menu below with the Cinnamon rolls– do NOT miss them.  Much sugar, much deliciousness! Enjoy.

Only thing that takes it away from being 10 out of 10 strollers is the limited ambience.  But that is perfect for locals on the weekend, and visitors looking for a great filling meal.


IMG_6521 IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6523 IMG_6522

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