New Car with Toddler Post Thanksgiving

Like New 2 Carlos E Mateus

I am a Dad with a 1.5 year old.  I phrase it that way because I have trouble keeping track of the months and that seems the most appropriate way to put it.  I look at the little guy with such joy and pride, and often such confusion.

Recently, after putting in 15 hours or so a day of work for a few years (boo hoo I know, tissue time…), I financed a new car.  And oh, it is gorgeous, brown, with ebony and ivory interior and that wonderful new car smell. I have read about and watched videos on it for months. Then trouble and yelling at the dealership and finally the keys and a delivery to my office, where I was able to show it off to the lads and lassies at work — they were quite kind about it actually- I figured they would bite my head off in a jealous rage, but they apparently had bigger fish to fry- my carseat in the back.

They squeezed in and laughed all the way to lunch at the various ritz crackers, puddles of spilled milk, and plastic protectors placed firmly on the white interior.

“White interior eh” they mocked, but I was ready, I have a care package…paid a few hundred extra bucks for it but worth it. I can see the boy through a mirror in the back, and I feel like he is quite proud of his old Dad. Oh and he likes to fill up his diaper in the fresh new interior.

Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone!


Photo: Flicker user Carlos E. Mateus, Like New 2

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