Night time baby sleep ritual- historical speeches


I am a nerd.

There is no denying it. On the way to work I listen to books like “Fierce Patriot” about General William Tecumseh Sherman and get extremely excited imaging being there for battles, politics and family squabbles. The ups and the downs of history have inspired me since my early days watching Ken Burn’s The Civil War over and over again.  I’m talking like twelve years old.  Oh, when I just looked at the PBS site again I found maps– wow!

Ok, I’m back. By the way, on Netflix Burns has a relatively new one called The Roosevelts – very good so far. Enlightening character studies of Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor. Much discussed about their family life.

With my boy, I sneak some history into our good night ritual. He seems at 1 and a half to really enjoy Lincoln’s First Inaugural address.  At least he goes to sleep quickly…

As he gets older I plan to take him on more adventures through history on our trips. Starting with a few local parks that detail Seminole Battle histories.

The Huffington Post had an article with 5 Family Destinations that Teach Kids U.S. History. So far we have driven through Atlanta together but none of the rest. I am adding to my binder for next trips.

  1. Colonial Williamsburg, VA – chasing boy through authentic village
  2. Gettysburg, PA – I can recite the Address to my son before nap time
  3. Sacramento, CA – ohhh forts and wagon trains
  4. Cody, WY – cool, Buffalo Bill and the Wild West!
  5. Alanta, GA – fun museum, Atlanta History Center

I will share more as we go.


Photo of Theodore Roosevelt and his sons from PBS


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