March ran by so fast…

…along with the rest of the year so far. Meg, who runs UpDown Travel Blog, has been nice enough to understand my time away from writing, but I know the lack of posts has had its effect on her. Now she and others are forced to read the WashPost and other “mainstream media” 😉 sites, instead of the ramblings of a wandering Dad, who never quite knows where the next paragraph will lead.

So—-my traveling lately with my son has become somewhat of an adventure in going back and forth to the grocery, office, haircut place, etc.  I don’t want to say we are boring, because looking at him eat Cheerios is just about the greatest show on earth, but the travel is down. Sure we went to Miami (which is pretty close to us by car) and saw some traveling kids exhibits, survived the traffic and the sun, and we ventured to some new restaurants attempting to disgruntle all other customers. But no Everest, no Rocky Mountains.

My childless friends speak of trips to Aspen where the powder dropped 6 inches a day. Am I jealous. Yes, but not of being sans son on cool guy trips, but of the ability to get going. But all has not been lost. Over the last two months, I have lost about 20 lbs. working on my diet and running my little heart out. Below me, in the stroller, the little one grows in front of me, turning on the iPad, at 18 months, skimming through the videos, to Frozen, and singing along to “Goooooo!” Point being, we are traveling less far but more frequently, in little adventures around the block, through the woods, down the road, past the houses, and anywhere the spirit takes us. Not bad, not bad at all.sneakers-968964_1280.jpg

One thought

  1. This is very sweet. The incredible joy of daily adventures with your son. Cheerios or strolling in the park. It is all such a pleasure and to be utterly enjoyed in the moment. I loved it


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