Trip to Boston and the Trouble with Parent Bloggers

So, I just went on a trip with my son up North to Boston for a few weeks for complicated reasons. We loved the trip, it was awesome, ended up driving, took three days. Interesting stop at South of the Border between North and South Carolina, and increased posts on trip advisor.

The trouble I have is that I am too often figuring out work, relationships, family and actually raising my son to blog, which seems wrong. Luckily someone mentioned that I actually like writing things down that people may like reading quickly.

So, Boston Common was awesome, Freedom trail awesome, weather was beautiful. My son chased “Jumpy” the Curious George-inspired squirrel name he came up with for the fat aggressive little hairy rats in the park. We had a wonderful time – and I managed a few pubs too.


*Photo by Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism/Flickr

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