Long night of billables for two-year-old, mall on docket today

Day off from work so off to the mall today with the little one. He has a cough so we are getting that under control with Vitamin C. He also looks like he is five years old this morning, he must have had a tough night with all the coughing. Looks like he has been working at the law firm all night, getting those billable hours.

The mall should be intense today, Santa ready to go, elves etc. I plan on lots of Starbucks and am wearing shorts because it is a blissful 72 degrees here in Florida today. For those who are jealous, speak to me again in mid-summer when it is like 250 degrees. Can’t complain I guess, but I will.

Wondering what the little one will pick out to request from Santa?

*Photo by Joel Kramer, “22 dollars later, Jeannie got her Santa Picture,” Flickr.

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