Putting down the books picking up the baseball

I wonder at times if as his father I spend enough time encouraging him to develop his skills. So yesterday I made sure to pull him away from the books his mother was reading to him– was it Goodnight iPad or the new Goodnight Smartphone? I am not sure, either way his reading, vocabulary and comprehension are rapidly growing at 2.5 years old.

So I thought it was time to turn his energies to less academic things before he becomes a spaghetti-noodle of intellect. For about half an hour until he tired of it and returned to more intelligent pursuits, we threw the baseball back and forth – Green Monster on felt bat–and he started to get the idea.

Switching from left to right hand, and from the top of the bat to the bottom, he flung the bad toward the oncoming ball as I said, “Ready, go!” So far so good, I think the books will be over in time for toddler-tball-spring training 2017.

*Photo by Dan Morgan/Flickr

4 thoughts

      1. As his swing improves he’ll start hitting other parts of your body. The good part is you don’t get hit in the same place over and over. The bad part is you’re still getting hit. Good luck!

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