Amtrak train lowering expense

I mentioned in a previous post that I use the sleeper when traveling long distances on Amtrak, such as the 98 from Florida to New York. One of the ways I lower expense is with the great discounts at the Amtrak website. If you enroll in the Amtrak rewards you get 30% off your ticket – at least according to a nice man working at the ticket window in West Palm Beach, Florida where I boarded.

After waiting about 20 minutes for the guy in front of me to finish, I asked where I should wait for the sleepers for the 98 going Northbound. He noticed my hat and said, “All right Red Sox” – we spoke for a while- he is from Boston, down in Florida for 3 years or so, and likes all sports Boston- Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox – so we spoke for a bit (no one was waiting behind me) and he recommended the discounts.

I said I already had them and I showed him the Bank of America Amtrak card I had. He was duly impressed, and I felt quite proud having built up my points day by day on groceries and saving hundreds of dollars a trip. It’s the only way to go — but you probably have to be an avid train-traveler like me or at least use it for short business-type trips on the way.

More to come.

Amtrak by Oliver Flickr.jpg
Amtrak by Oliver/Flickr

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