Amtrak USA train rides start out nervy, relax into it

I take the train a lot. It’s not that I don’t like to fly- but it’s that I don’t like to fly. So instead I get the pleasure of long rides on the train, to read, write, nap etc. Someone recently asked me for some tips and here they are– as I am currently on a train, I feel like they are up to the minute and forefront in my mind.

Tips Set 1

  • I often take the 98 train Amtrak Northbound to New York City and sometimes follow up with other regional trains throughout New England
  • I take the 97 train back to Florida
  • These trains take about 24 hours give or take – in Florida you start at around 10am and end up in New York about the same time the next day if all goes smoothly
  • There are also other trains that go up to Savannah, Charleston and the like – the DC stop is nice northbound as you come into the monuments in early morning
  • I like to take sleepers if possible, very relaxing but more expensive (remember in comparison to driving – no overnight hotel or food stops)
  • When you first get onto the train it is like boarding a ship, you feel a little anxious/nervy- it lasts for me about 30 minutes until my mind and body adjusts, then I calm into the enjoyment and relaxation of the ride!

More to come

My current writing spot, Northbound in sleeper on Amtrak Train 98


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