Benefits of Sleeper on Amtrak

I am currently on a long haul trip from Florida to New York and then to Boston. I am sitting on my computer plugged into the newly installed Amtrak Connect Wireless (new for this train anyway). There is a good amount of leg space and a cabin attendant who does not dote on you but at least introduces him/herself and gives you a basic lay of the land. Food is included in the dining car and there are power plugs and a table available.

The downside is the price- the equivalent of a high priced hotel room, that is lowered by doubling up with someone else in the room. This time I brought my patient friend along (my wife perhaps smartly, certainly more efficiently, likes to fly with our son). Nevertheless, if you sit up the whole way the price is closer to a higher priced bus ticket. There the downsides are obvious from a general comfort level- name it — other passengers snoring, back issues, bathroom smells, cell phones whatever.

For that ride I would recommend breaking up the trip into shorter legs like 14 hours each and stopping. It takes longer but if you can swing it saves your back and brain. For me, I go in the sleepers for anything over 15 hours. The other benefit is that with a few glasses of wine I can sleep away 8-9 hours of the trip!

More to come.

Amtrak Jan Tik Flickr.jpg
Amtrak by Jan Tik/Flickr

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