Type A Lawyer has a Child

Children do change everything, but not in the way I thought they would.  As a Type A lawyer, I figured that having a baby would mean a few changes but they would be limited to our free time, waking hours and choices of vacation destinations.

New life and New Business 

Ten months after baby number 1, I could not have been more wrong.  After returning to work and being shockingly miserable- because I really loved my job-  I left work and with my husband started to work on an entirely new life and business.    Our lives changed because I wanted so much to be home, but the rest of our lives – those things I thought would change- they way we spend our free time, our vacation destinations really haven’t.

Introducing… UpDown Travel Blog and UpDown Maps, the App 

With this in mind, I started this blog and my husband and I decided to venture into the world of Apps.   Since he travels often for work, we’ve started joining him and exploring along the way.  Our iTunes travel companion, UpDown Maps is for parents who are excited to explore the world with their kids and don’t want their choices to be limited to your average kid destinations.   See, How Doing Nothing Became the Ultimate Family Vacation. 

Our Semi-Professional Curated Reviews

We go, we review and then allow readers to decide whether they think we are nuts (rocking disco is not a place to take an infant) or brilliant (well-played party parents).    We are based in South Florida, so our best info comes from our home turf, but we’ve been spending time in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York, Minneapolis and Dallas, so the data is getting better and more developed.   The best part is using it for ourselves and being able to answer the inevitable question of “what should we do today”.  Hopefully, a few other folks will too.

Thank you for Reading. Please Write to Us!

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by, please email me or comment on posts with suggestions!  I’d love to hear from you.

– Meg


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