Review: Barefoot Beach Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii, 8/10 Strollers

Guest post by Penny Rogers, Honolulu, Hawaii

Barefoot Beach Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii


Address: Queen’s Beach near Kapiolani Park, 2699 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

Website: Barefoot Beach Cafe

Barefoot Beach Bar 1, by Richard Rogers, 2015
Barefoot Beach Bar 1, by Richard Rogers, 2015
Barefoot 2
Barefoot Beach Bar 2, by Richard Rogers 2015

Review Details:

Picture Friday night at sunset, live music, a beach to play on, fireworks, and food from an outdoor grill – casual every day fare from steaks to hot dogs to eat at picnic tables. The price is right and reasonable. (No alcoholic beverages served due to park regulations.) Patrons watch the sunset vying for who will see the fabled “green flash” as the sun sinks into the sea.

Here is a family favorite for all ages and the perfect start to any weekend. It all repeats on Saturday night except for the fireworks down the beach at the Hilton. The rest of the week the café window is open for take-away meals and with the same breath-taking view.

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