Review: Yard House Downtown at the Gardens Not Great with Kids -4/10 Strollers


11701 Lake Victoria Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I went to lunch at Yard House at Downtown at the Gardens, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.  I arrived at noon with a few workmates, and took a look around for a possible return visit with the kid. There were children there on a Friday at 12:30pm and they looked comfortable in the large open chairs.  Really though, with all the beers on tap this is a better place for a late night happy hour than for a meal with children.  Service is not great, more formal and indicative of a national chain.


Food took a long time to come out, and the noise, although good to drown out any misbehavior, was too much I think for most children.  The hosts at the front move you through without any real sincerity, and very much like a factory. It does not seem like you can meet people with children with any ease.  So in the end, I think it is a pick-up joint, pre-game for the nightclubs and bars in the area.  Also parking is not great, so if you do visit Downtown at the Gardens, I recommend the complimentary valet. Four out of ten strollers because I would probably only come back with the and have a beer and watch a game.


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