A two year old with Dad in morning

I woke up as usual this morning, bleary-eyed not exactly ready to get going but resigned nonetheless to the reality of opening my eyes and facing the day. Once up and out of bed, I stumble boxer-shorts and t-shirt disheveled toward the coffee-maker downstairs and pull out one cup of coffee and some cream. Look at my watch and make my way upstairs to check on the boy.

Today he was half up, singing about a spider going up the chimney spout happily to himself. I said, “Good morning, handsome, how are you this morning!” to which he responded, “Duck” which was in reference to the wooden duck with wheels sitting outside of his crib. Then he reached both hands up to ask me to pick him up which I obliged.

Downstairs we went, school uniform, sausages, fruit, waffle…lunch packed by his mom the day before in the refrigerator. More coffee for me, conversations with him about the few toys on the counter he is enjoying as he gently eats. Then shoes on with a slight scuffle, a run on the hardwood, and mom is ready to take him to school. Wave goodbye and we split on our own adventures.

In the Bakery father and son.jpg
*Photo: In the Bakery: father and son, by Glasseyesview/Flickr

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